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Google+ Business is Coming Soon

Google will soon launch a Business version of their Google+ product.  Unlike the personal version, analytics and perhaps more business related functions will be included.  It is recommended that business owners wait for the business version and not use the current personal version as there is no planned migration path. According to Julie O’Dell on… Continue Reading

Harness the Power of Online Business Directories–Five Quick Steps

This re-posted article below was written by my friend Myles Anderson the founder of BrightLocal, an excellent “Local Search Marketing” software development firm in the UK.  I have been so impressed with the software products and vision that Myles has for this company, that our team at MyBiz OnLine Services are dedicated BETA Testers for… Continue Reading

Andrew Shotland: A List of his “Most Popular Post for 2010″

Here is Andrew Shotland’s most popular Post from his blog.  Andrew is a reliable source for important, up-to-date Local SEO information. Thanks for all that you do for our industry Andrew!   I thought it would be nice to end the year highlighting the blog’s top 10 most popular posts for the year.  Thanks… Continue Reading

Matt McGee: A List of his “Most Popular Articles of 2010″

Most Popular Articles from Matt McGee’s blog I really like the 7 Questions Small Business Should Be Asking.  This is my personal favorite. 10 Likely Elements of Google’s Local Search Algorithm – rewritten in 2010 after originally being written in 2007 and falling out of date Why Local SEO is Harder Than SEOs Think — and,… Continue Reading

Matt McGee: Prominent Player in Local Search Marketing

 As part of our Business and Blog launch on November 1, 2010, we decided to highlight some one who has made significant contributions to the field.   Although David Mihm and Mary Bowling were close contenders, we decided on  Matt McGee.   Matt is an independent online marketing consultant located on the U.S. West coast. He has been doing SEO… Continue Reading