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Google Plus Local Infographic

  An Important Component of a Local Online Marketing Plan.

Every local business needs to have a claimed and optimized Google Plus Local Page.  Below is a Google Plus Local Infographic that explains the basics of this Google service.  Google created Google Plus Local as a way to combine its search engine, social networking, and business directory features.  Consumers use this tool to search out and find detailed information on local restaurants, shops, and other services. However, by taking advantage of this popular tool, businesses can use their page as an effective advertising platform.

When you set up your company’s Google Plus Local page, you can include maps, contact details, photographs, and other important information. From then on, your customers can use the page to rate your company, write reviews, and add photos. Your page will visible in Google search results and on Google maps.  Follow the Google Plus Local Infographic below to learn more.

Google Plus Local Infographic by MyBiz OnLine Services


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