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Tow Truck Insurance St Louis Missouri

We Will Shop Your Tow Truck Insurance St Louis Missouri for You!

Tow Truck Insurance St Louis Missouri | Alternatives Insurance St Louis City | (314) 645-2100Alternatives Insurance of St Louis City helps business owners with their transportation insurance needs.  Our licensed agents have the knowledge that is needed to help to truck owners and operators understand the different options, and requirements, for Tow Truck Insurance St Louis Missouri.  We work with a variety of towing service companies throughout the St Louis area including Saint Louis and Jefferson counties, Chesterfield, High Ridge, Arnold, Imperial, Valley Park, Ballwin, Eureka, Pacific, House Springs, Hillsboro, Sunset Hills and St. Clair.

Tow truck service companies and individual owner operators MUST carry tow truck insurance. Failure to keep the minimum insurance requirements on your tow truck could result in fines and/or you could have your commercial driver’s license suspended.  Our agents can help you get on track so you do not risk losing your livelihood.  As a your partner, it is important to make certain you and your business are protected if there should be an accident.

For current business owner and operators, our agents will begin by reviewing your existing policy and assess any potential risks.  A Tow Truck Insurance policy should include the standard forms of liability insurance that all motor vehicle owners are required to carry by Missouri law.  Those insurance coverages include Bodily Injury – in case you cause an accident, Property Damage covers your legal responsibility for damages, Fire and Theft Coverage, Collision and Comprehensive Coverage and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.

Let’s use this scenario for example:

Employee #1, a 42-year-old male, tow truck driver had loaded a disabled vehicle onto a flatbed truck by pulling the car onto the bed via the truck winch. When the employee attempted to disengage the vehicle from the winch, the steel cable snapped and the vehicle fell down onto the bed. The employee’s left arm was struck and fractured by the vehicle’s right front tire as the vehicle fell. The employee was transported to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery for a fractured left forearm.

Employee #1 is a direct employee of the employer who operates a vehicle towing service.  Who do you think is responsible for the medical bills in this case?  What if the employee is out of work for an extensive period of time?  As for the property, who will pay for the vehicle that was damaged when it fell from the winch. Who is liable for the cable that snapped?

The answer to these questions are what business owners need to understand, not just in the short scheme of things.  As your agent we look at the overall big picture.  There is much more risk to owning and operating a tow truck business than most realize.



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