Andrew Shotland: A List of his “Most Popular Post for 2010″

Here is Andrew Shotland’s most popular Post from his blog.  Andrew is a reliable source for important, up-to-date Local SEO information. Thanks for all that you do for our industry Andrew!


I thought it would be nice to end the year highlighting the blog’s top 10 most popular posts for the year.  Thanks to all my readers, commenters, linkers, lurkers, clients and of course Google for making it a great year.

Lifestyle Lift – Fake Reviews Will Cost You Real $
A 2009 post, but in 2010 botox-addicted readers just could not get enough of those turkey necks!
Yext – Are Half Your Phone Leads Junk?
This one was published in 2009, but it really took on a life of its own in 2010. Over 200 comments and this week got linked from TechCrunch& covering the launch of Yext Tags.
Local Search Ranking Factors 2010
My annual distillation of David Mihm’s annual distillation.
Meet The New Google Local SERPs
This was the year of Google Place SERPs and readers were hungry for info that could give them an edge, or at least help them understand wtf was going on.
Local SEO Predictions 2010
Did I get it right? Does it really matter? Feel free to use for cocktail party chatter.
Dead Fingers Walking
I was kind of bummed this one wasn’t #1. It was the most fun to write, although for some perhaps not the most fun to read.
Google News SEO Tips
All the useful info you need in one handy blog post. Special thanks to Google for continuing to not provide easy to digest info in one place, therefore providing the opportunity for guys like me to do it.
Local Search APIs
Everybody seems to be developing local search APIs and everybody seems to be looking for them.
Play Nice With Customers or GOOG Will Get You
Less than a month old, but doom and gloom always sells.
Top 10 Review Sites in Google Places Search
See #4 and see you in 2011.
And thanks to Jim Rudnick, the Canadian SEO, for some excellent blog commenting over the past year!

Great work Andrew!

Roger Gill

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