Matt McGee: Prominent Player in Local Search Marketing

 As part of our Business and Blog launch on November 1, 2010, we decided to highlight some one who has made significant contributions to the field.   Although David Mihm and Mary Bowling were close contenders, we decided on  Matt McGee.   Matt is an independent online marketing consultant located on the U.S. West coast.

He has been doing SEO and web site marketing since about 1999/2000.  Matt speaks regularly across the country at all of the major search marketing conferences.  He has  consulted for clients big (one of the Top 5 retailers in the U.S., one of most well known cable TV channels in the U.S.) and small (local real estate agents, a mom and pop selling handmade wooden pens out of their garage).

In addition to consulting and training,  Matt is the Assignment Editor for Search Engine Land and the Editor of Sphinn.   He  writes  regularly on various industry blogs and forums (often under the nickname “pleeker”).

Also noteworthy is Matt’s SEO Success Pyramid–A visual depiction with consise explanations of the components that are necessary to build a successful  online marketing presence.  This is a great tool,  and Matt gives it away for free here:  The SEO Success Pyramid.

His Blog and Business is named Small Business Search Marketing and may by visited here :
The following  is a re-post of Matt McGee’s September 2010 Best Search/Marketing Post.   He publishes these BEST  posts series on his above mentioned Blog once a month.  Thanks Matt.

By Matt McGee on Oct 1, 2010

Here’s my roundup of the best search/marketing posts I found and read during September. If you’re new to this blog, this is a monthly feature that began way back in 2007. You can find earlier “Best Of”s for each month in the Link Roundups category archive. I never include my own posts in these end-of-month recaps.

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Small Business

  • Miriam Ellis/SEO Igloo: When The Karate Kid Gets Mad – Teaching User Review Crane Technique To Small Business Owners
  • Luther Lowe/Yelp: The Positive Side of Negative Reviews



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