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Photo Images and Graphics are necessary for creating websites, videos, presentations, online accounts, social media, ads, coupons, etc…  It is important not to use photo images and graphics that you do not have the rights to use.  I repeat do not use photo images and graphics that you do not have the rights to use. 

Fortunately there are some very good FREE Public Domain Images available online.  You may also need to purchase that perfect image needed for a specific job.  The image and graphic resources below provide the best of what I have found and use.  Enjoy!

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Public Domain Photo Images & Graphics

FREE and Usually Copyright and Royalty Free


My Favorite Public Domain Photo Images and Graphics in order of priority:  My Favorite  My Second Best  GREAT Beach Backgrounds FREE  GREAT Free Images-Success & More   This is a new site– October 28, 2013 –still checking it out.  Stock Xchange  Free and Paid — Very Good 39,000 FREE  Excellent Images –free and paid  Very Good and growing  Very Good and Growing   Only 1000 but good and growing  Free Public Domain Photo Database  FREE GRaphics and more at IMBolt   Many GOV sites with free Public Domain photos   Six sites of Public domain photos and images!  With some info.  One of the six metioned above and one of the best–now owned by Getty Images Flickr is one of the best–must give credit and link back to photo.  50,000 Free images   700,000 plus images   Great images and Info on Proper Image Use   400,000 Royalty Free images and more   5000 quality images


Paid Sources for Photo Images and Graphics for High Quality Images for $1  Lower cost than iStock or shutterstock  Good but some what pricey.  Less cost that iStock Photos  Very Good — But most expensive–Sometime this is needed for a photo of choice –they have 25 mil of them.


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