New Team Member–The Official Insurance Advisor

 ***  BREAKING NEWS  ***

We are pleased and excited to announce our newest Team Member who will be our “Official Spokes Person:”

The Insurance Advisor--Assess Risks, Shop Companies, and Save Money. (804) 638-9024

 The Insurance Advisor

The Insurance advisor has many resources and emotions to depict every insurance issue and situation.  He will be providing important insurance information and education to the residents of Virginia.  In addition to his informative post on our website, you may see him occasionally on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tweeter–although he does enjoy and likes StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and a few others.

The employment interview and selection process was challenging; however, The Insurance Advisor was well prepared and had the qualities we were seeking for our spokes person.  Honest, Fair, Educated, Knowledgeable of all Insurance matters–extreme knowledge of the many top-rated companies that we represent–why he even knew most the company underwriters’ first and last names!!  Needless to say, we are indeed fortunate and thankful that The Insurance Advisor is now representing The Insurance Advisor Insurance Agency!  Here are a few expressions and emotions that blew us away:

The Insurance Advisor


Hey.  I found four more discounts that you are eligible to receive.  And with your great driving record and good credit you could be saving another 15%.  It is time to start looking for that motorcycle–now that you have so much savings!

The Insurance Advisor


Caution.  Before you renew your business insurance, better let me shop it with top-rated companies to get the coverages you need for the best price.  You should also have a risk analysis done–and you could save more, if you had one of our custom safety programs!


The Insurance Advisor

Some things are like a light bulb coming on right in front of you.  Getting quotes from dozens of top-rated insurance companies just makes a lot of sense.  A local agent, shopping my insurance, getting me the coverages that I need for the lowest cost!  How bright!

The Insurance Advisor



Yikes!  The other insurance company is trying to  claim that my client is at fault.   I will get our legal team on this immediately!




The Insurance Advisor




Ok.  So I did not make it as a comedian.  You can still save a lot of money and get the insurance coverages you need!  Give me a call:

(804)  638-9024








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