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WordPress Training Membership Site.   Have you ever wanted to create your own website and blog?  Whether to promote your business or just to write about your hobby, you now have the opportunity to publish online and look like a million dollars!   How?  With WordPress of course.  The popular website and blog software is free, but you do need to know a little about how to use it properly.   Don’t worry–MyBiz OnLine Services provides a WordPress Training Membership Site that will teach what you need to know!   Check out KnowWP! now on sale — LIFETIME WordPress Training Membership for only $17.00  

Get KnowWP  WordPress Training now!

Many people recommend WordPress as the ultimate solution for building websites online, with good reason.  It’s not just for blogging anymore, in fact, it’s become the standard for do-it-yourself website builders who don’t want to be locked into the LIMITATIONS of using the “site builders” that many hosting companies provide and control.



Sure, you don’t need to know code, but the directions can be a little tough to chew, for beginners.  WordPress has lots of great wordpress training advice on their site, for installation and set up, but let’s face it, you need a Geek to English dictionary to follow along.  If you have set up a website before, you’ll find some of the online wordpress training tutorials easy to follow because WordPress is after all, a whole lot better.  However, most of these online tutorials also PRE-SUPPOSE that you already know a bunch, and THEY seem to be just filling in the cracks.   Well, NOW there is something better!

Know WP  WordPress Training Membership Site by MyBiz OnLine Services takes you thru A-Z with nothing left out.    It’s simple video tutorial style, where you simply watch over a shoulder, pause and then do!   WATCH>PAUSE>DO>REPEAT    SHAZAM POW! You have a beautiful website!  What could be more simple?

No reading geek-speak ‘till your eyes start to water, and no running to the web to look up what the hell they are talking about.  All you need to do is follow the steps in the WordPress Training videos and your progress will look like what you see on screen!    Even if you’re a total screwball you won’t end-up with a mess because tracking your progress thru this video course is so bone-headedly simple.   If your screen “don’t” look like your teacher’s, just rewind a few seconds and you’ll get ‘er right.

Then move onward and upward.  So where do you find such an amazing  resource?     Get Know WP  by MyBiz OnLine Services — on sale now for only $17.00 for a LIFETIME Membership!   Get KnowWP now!

PS- There is so much more than just set up at Know WP too.   Not only will it get you set-up, but check out all the other advanced tricks and tips for WordPressing you get also!   Don’t hesitate, this is far too great!   Get the LIFETIME membership Know WP  now for only $17.00.   Get KnowWP now!


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