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This Local Online Marketing Resource Hub Blog is dedicated to providing a library of useful online marketing training and resources that will help Insurance Agents and other local business owners to understand what it takes to build a successful, long-term, local online marketing presence.

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“Our Blog is dedicated to helping Insurance Agents understand how to develop successful local online marketing plans.” 


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What is Local Online Marketing and Advertising

Consumers  are increasingly using  Google, Yahoo,  Bing, and other search engine windows to find the products and services they want—not a Phone Book. Online advertising and marketing consultants  now combine traditional SEO services with Local Online Marketing and Advertising to create a dominant Local Online  Presence.  This website has been developed to provide information and access to services that will assist small businesses in achieving an optimized online presence.

Here are a few essential local online marketing and  advertising questions that Insurance Agents and other local businesses must consider:

  • Is your business listed with and optimized–on and off site–for the major search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn?
  • Is your business listed with and optimized for the local search engines and classified/review directories?
  • Is your business showing up in the top positions on the local search engine “Packs” and  maps?
  • Does your business have key word optimized, relevant, authoritative content that rank on the first page of search engines?
  • Does your business have an optimized, online Social Media Marketing presence?  Are you engaging your clients and prospects?
  • Does your business have 20 or more reviews with an on going review, reputation management, and sales assessment process?
  • What forms of Local Online Marketing and Advertising will work best to help consumers find and purchase your products or services?

Your future sales, revenue, and profit growth are directly dependent on how you respond to those above questions.  Businesses who have an optimized local online presence will not only survive, they will dominate their market. When local consumers search online for products and services that you offer, your business name and information should appear near the top of the local search engine “Packs” and maps, with additional listings above and below the local “Packs.”   This dominant online presence not only allows potential customers to find and contact you for what they want, but also builds your business brand authority.

Perform this test to determine if your business can be found online by potential local customers:

  • Type the name of one of your products or services and the city/state that you serve into the Google search window; e.g., “auto insurance Richmond VA.”   Also click on the Maps link just above the search window to use Google’s local map search process.
  • You should get a listing of the top Local Business Results for your search near your location.  Is your business listed in the top 3 rankings for your service area? Do you come up at all?
  • If not, your business needs to be listed in the top of the “Google Local Pack” and at the top of the “Google Map Listing”-—If not, you are losing customers to your competition.
  • Repeat these steps with Bing for similar results–they both have a Local Search link.

If your Insurance Agency or small business is not showing up on Google or Bing local packs and maps or is listed in a low ranking position, the information on our blog may help. 

NOTE:  MyBiz OnLine Services may be compensated from purchases of various products and services from vendors which are offered on our site.

Daniel Brown

About the author

Daniel Brown is the new owner of MyBiz OnLine Services, LLC, an online marketing and advertising consulting firm that specializes in the design, implementation, and maintenance of customized online advertising and marketing plans for Insurance Agencies that produce measurable growth in sales and profits. MyBiz OnLine Services provides a Local Online Marketing Educational Blog Hub that incorporates some of the best current local online marketing resources via posts, links, and rss feeds. Daniel is uniquely qualified to lead MyBiz OnLine Services foward. He has Insurance Agent producer experience, with a current license, he has worked with MyBiz OnLine Services since its founding and is knowledgeable about the insurance marketing services and how to optimize a local online marketing infrastructure for insurance agencies.

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